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Weddings at the Kristin Hrádek

Are you longing for your entire wedding day spent in charming environment of a hunting residence? Are you seeking for dignified premises where you intend to entertain your wedding guests? Are you planning a romantic wedding ceremony in the open-air and subsequent photo-taking in beautiful natural scenes?

All of that may be fulfilled by the Kristin Hrádek Hotel, a former hunting residence characterized with interesting history, beautiful surroundings and unique interior. It will provide you with today’s so much valued privacy and allows you spending your wedding day in calm and romantic environment.

You may enjoy your wedding celebration depending on the number of your guests in the entire hotel – in the small lounge, the hotel restaurant, large multi-function hall, and on the roofed outdoor terrace in hot days. Charge our chef, a renowned professional, with making the wedding menu. Present your visions to him and let him conjure up the wedding menu worth of importance of that day. Make your wedding banquet gourmand experience.

For the new weds and their wedding night, there is a romantic apartment prepared with flowers and breakfast served in the bed. Your guests may use other 13 rooms located in both of the hotel buildings.

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us prepare your wedding day program exactly as you imagine that. 

Wedding at the Kristin Hrádek Wedding at the Kristin Hrádek Wedding at the Kristin Hrádek Wedding at the Kristin Hrádek Wedding at the Kristin Hrádek Wedding at the Kristin Hrádek Wedding at the Kristin Hrádek Wedding at the Kristin Hrádek

Celebrations at the Kristin Hrádek

Make a dignified celebration of the important milestones in your life or in life of your family in our hotel. And it need not be just a round-year birthday. For example a celebration of a silver or golden wedding anniversary of your parents will be a clear expression of your thanks for their care and it will be appreciated accordingly.

The closed lounge for 10 people will be the most convenient venue for a small and private family meeting or for a working meeting of top management. Large groups will find adequate premises in the multi-function hall where up to 30 your friends can sit comfortably depending on table placement. Thanks to its layout, it is an ideal place not just for wedding celebrations, but also for graduates reunions, corporate parties, sessions and other similar activities during which you appreciate privacy and perfect service.

Hot summer days and warm evenings allow using the area of the outdoor roofed terrace. There you can use not just the summer cuisine, intended just for quick serving the guests on the terrace, but after having agreed with the chef we can make some grilled specialties, including venison, fish and barbecued wild boar piglet.

Options of using our premises are really wide and together we will surely find a solution for nearly all your visions. Contact us with your vision and we will make it come true. 

Children's playground, outdoor terrace and summer kitchen Kristin Hrádek Kristin Hrádek Reception room

Contact us

Maxičky 30, 405 02 Děčín XVIII.

Hotel Reception
tel.: +420 734 684 209
e-mail: info@kristinhradek.cz


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